Actress Withdraws Complaint Against Director Jean Paul Lal

Actress Withdraws Complaint Against Director Jean Paul Lal
Malayalam actress who accused director Jean Paul Lal and actor Sreenath Bhasi has now reportedly withdrawn her complaint. She informed the court that she has no complaints against the previously accused. It seems like both parties reached a compromise outside the court. The actress, in an affidavit submitted before the court on Thursday, stated that she has no complaints and decided not to pursue the matter any further.The actress had worked with Jean Paul in Honey Bee 2, which released earlier this year. She had filed a police complaint last month, saying the director used a body double for her character without her permission and also made lewd remarks at her in a hotel room during the shoot. The police had allegedly found that there was truth in the accusations and had asked the court to deny bail to Jean Paul, Sreenath and technicians Anoop and Anirudh, who had worked in the film.


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