Anushka Shetty Fell In Love With Indian Cricketer!

Anushka Shetty Fell In Love With Indian Cricketer!

“At one stage, I fell in love with him”: Anushka Shetty!

Recently, famous actress Anushka Shetty surprised everyone by revealing her love story; she had a crush on former Indian Cricket team Captain Rahul Dravid.
With the Indian super hit movie Baahubali, the actress has suddenly raised her performance status and that got the huge fans buzzing. After the movie, there were some rumors spread about her and co-star Prabhas’s love relation. Whenever in any interview, Anushka faced the questions about her marriage and love she avoided those by saying that she is giving priority to her career.

Now the latest is that the talented actress was in love with of the former Indian cricket team captain. She revealed this secret crush story in an interview of Telugu channel. One of her fans asked a question  “which cricketer is your favorite?” she did a straightforward answer that is –Rahul Dravid.
She said, “Rahul Dravid is my favorite cricketer; I liked him from my childhood, at one stage I fell in Love with Him.” Now Rahul Dravid is the head coach of ‘Indian A’ team.
Actress Anushka Shetty is now little busy with her upcoming super hit movie Bhagamathi.


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