Baahubali Inspired Food Menus At Indian Restaurants Abroad

Baahubali Inspired Food Menus At Indian Restaurants Abroad

Many products in the market including saris to jewellery has been inspired by the two epic Baahubali films and tp follow suit is nothing other than food itself. News has it that Indian restaurants abroad have come up with food menus inspired by Baahubali movies. If it is genuine, there are pictures circulating in social media showcasing the menu of food items that are named after the characters of Baahubali. Some of them read: Bhallaladeva Chicken Biryani – Chilli Fish, Bahubali Mutton Biryani – Chicken Lollipop, Avanthika Veg Fried Rice – Mushroom Pepper Fry; and Devasena Chapati – Egg Masala. There’s also Bahubali Dosa, Kabali Parota and Katappa Dosa. Another photograph of a menu, titled Baahubali Maha Buffet and supposedly from an Indian restaurant in the US, has even more options. This includes Avanthika Aloo Gobi Fry, Bahubali Chicken 65, Kalakeya Chilli Chicken and Mahismathi Mithais.

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