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Bairavaa aka Bairava is a perfect action entertainer with power packed stunt sequences and unexpected twists. Bharathan, who had directed Azhagiya Thamil Magan and also the remake of Malayalam movie Cocktail as Athithi, is back with a bang through this stunning Bairavaa. The surefire movie for all, Bairavaa focuses on one of the social issues and shows how to fight against it. The trailer, teaser and the songs had already generated some positive vibes around the film and the Bairavaa has lived up to the hype. Bairavaa deals with a contemporary issue and exposes the politics in medical seat allocations. The movie raises a few serious questions and attempts to portray the problems from the common man’s perspective. Bharathan has succeeded in mixing mass, romance, comedy and the social responsibility in the apt proportion to make this movie ever first big treat for all in this New Year.

Bairavaa tamil movie hd images- vijay – keerthy suresh

Bairavaa is a young ordinary man and he falls in love with Malarvizhi. He takes up the fight for justice by his girlfriend against Jayantha, a crooked and unethical guy who had formed a multimillion dollar business by distorting aspiring medical students and their parents. The movie tries to uncover how institutions swindle students and how that has affected the entire society. The success of Theri has helped Vijay to make a buildup on his next and he kept the fidelity to his fans. His mass action sequences and the stunning dialogues have produced goosebumps for the audience. His role as the ordinary young man who stands up for a cause delivered what all expected and makes his part rocking. On the other hand the cute Keerthy Suresh who comes as Malarvizhi in a pretty and solid role makes her the favorite for all. Her romantic extravaganza continues from where she stopped in Remo with Sivakarthikeyan. She looks fabulous as always.

Bairavaa tamil movie hd images- vijay – keerthy suresh

Apart from the storyline, director Bharathan give utmost importance to all the characters in the film. There were claps for Jagapathy Babu, Daniel Balaji, Sathish, Rajendran, Aparna Vinod, Papri Ghosh etc. Jagapathy Babu who dons the antagonist role as the corrupt man Jayantha would really bring him more fans from everywhere. Sathish is the one who predominantly handled the laughter grid with humorous interchanges. The fight sequences are well supervised for not missing the mass entertainment it gives and all those fights- cricket fight, interval fight and climax fight- looked completely striking and Vijay has his own positive approach to the fight sequences. That makes all the fights more exciting for the audience.

Bairavaa tamil movie hd images- vijay – keerthy suresh

As what director Bharathan mentioned earlier, the film emphasize more on the story than the star power of Vijay, but Bharatan did not fail to maximize his mass image. It’ll be a big break for the director. The film marks a very different ‘Vijay’ film on the scope of the story as well as music, Santhosh Narayanan is known for composing modern tunes and it showed a different light in a Vijay film. Cinematography and editing too is a must mention, and it brought the film to life. The downside, some bits and pieces were draggy but overall an enjoyable flick to enjoy this festive season.

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