‘Bed With Acting Package’ is There in Mollywood: Hima Shankar

‘Bed With Acting Package’ is There in Mollywood: Hima Shankar

Hima Shankar, who is known for her boldness both in acting and real life, discloses some shocking elements in the industry. She says that ‘Bed with Acting’ Package is alive in the industry. She revealed that some had approached her while studying at School of Drama with chances to act only if she agree with the ‘Package’. She was unaware about the package and for further clarification she asked about the ‘package’ to the one who called her. He responded that it is ‘Bed with Acting Package’. She also told that she had to say no to other three people who approached her with the same motive. Thereafter, she didn’t get any call. She is of the opinion that her face resembles an activist and that might be the reason why no one approaches her with that intention. “Public urges the women to speak out publicly but the same public attacks those women who speak out publicly” She revealed it all during the Press Meeting for her new movie Sarvopari Paalakkaran, which is getting good reports all over.

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