Criminal Lawyer Sangeetha Lakshmana’s Reaction Towards Dileep’s Arrest

Criminal Lawyer Sangeetha Lakshmana's Reaction Towards Dileep's Arrest

Criminal Lawyer Sangeetha Lakshmana has openly stated that she is in support of actor Dileep who was arrested by the police for the actress abduction and molestation case. According to her the whole arrest is a play staged by the Kerala police to save the image of the state government. She also said that she can’t even begin to comprehend actress Kavya Madhavan’s situation and that she would be sad if she was in the place of Manju Warrier. The lawyer said that she felt something was fishy whenshe saw the visuas of Dileep’s dramatic arrest on television. To quote her words,”In short, it’s so very easy to hypnotise people from this part of the world. And now, but now; I desperately do not wish to belong here. Shri.Dileep, I love you. And so, I am waiting for you with my open arms, to welcome you back. For the actor in you, for the star in you and for the human being in you.”

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