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Dileep Imitates Innocent After a Long Time [Watch Video]

Dileep – Nadirshah team had risen to fame when they released the comedy and parody cassette Onathinidakk Puttukachavadam. Thereafter they produced another cassette named De Maveli Kombath and that was also well acclaimed by all. Innocent’s sound was given for the Maveli and it was Dileep who imitated Innocent in those programs. It paved way for Dileep into the Movies and Nadirsha continued with stage shows and parody songs. Now Nadirshah is one of the popular directors in Malayalam Industry. After 23 years Dileep, Nadirshah and Abi are again on stage for the Fund Collecting Program in memory of Sagar Shiyas. During the program Dileep imitated Innocent and Lalu Alex after a long time.


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