The Dileep I Know Can’t Do Such a Thing; Harisree Ashokan

The Dileep I Know Can't Do Such a Thing; Harisree Ashokan
After actor Dileep got arrested in the actress abduction and molestation case, several people have been going public both for and against the actor. While some people strongly support the victimised actress and thrash Dileep for being heartless, others are still expressing their support towards people’s hero Dileep. The latest to the group of those who are in support of Dileep and say that everyone should wait for the court to decide before judging him, is actor Harisree Ashokan. He said that the Dileep he knows cannot do such a heinous thing. He said, “Let’s wait for the truth to come out and if he indeed turns out to be the culprit, then he should be punished. I honestly believe that Dileep will turn out to be innocent.” The actor also said that no one has tried to snatch away his roles in movies or tried to ruin his career. So he do not know about such kind of things that some directors and actors are talking about.


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