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Goodalochana conspires on a laugh riot with the solid support of friendship. The movie had already gained the attention for various reasons. First of all the location is Calicut where many memorable and superhit movies of Mollywood are born and also the food capital Kerala. The debut of Dhyan Sreenivasan is also yet another reason for the responsiveness that the movie has got. Directed by debutant Thomas Sebastian the, Goodalochana deals with many aspects like Friendship, Family Relations, and Unemployment etc. with the help of humor which never ends. Each sequence has much to explore and the director along with his crew has conceived it well.

Varun, Ajas, Shamseer and Prakashan are close friends and a replica of the youngsters of 25 – 30 age who dreams of a good job and a better future. They try all the possible way to meet their aim but fails in each attempt. Their journey to something big in their life is portrayed in a humorous way and that’s the highlight of the movie. Four of them has got equal importance in the story and their contribution is the best. After the mass avatar Zachariah Pothen in Ore Mukham Dhyan Sreenivasan is seen in a different role as Varun. His look as an ordinary young man is impressive and the introduction scene was hilarious. But it was Aju Varghese who stood on the top among them. What should we call him? Prakash or Das or Boss or Jayaprakash Batheri? His character in Goodalochana is going to be one of the best in his career. Both comedy and emotion are handled well by him and the appearance as Das was classy. Sreenath Bhasi as Ajas has yet again proved why he is the favourite of all the youngsters and has done his role with sincere acting. The fourth one in the gang, Hareesh Kanaran as Shamseer, with his own way of dialogue delivery, put forth many sequences which stirred laughs in theatres and his ‘ideas’ are brilliant.

Dhyan Sreenivasan, who debuts as a script writer with Goodalochana, has chosen this youth-oriented movie for his first movie and the youngsters can easily relate their life to this movie. Mollywood is expecting more movies from Dhyan Sreenivasan both as an actor and writer, of course as a director too, in future. Akhil George moved the camera to all those tempting Calicut corners and the music by Gopi Sunder and Shaan Rehman made it more attractive. The ‘Koyikode’ song and ‘ee angadi kavalayil’ songs are wonderful and they are already in the hit chart. Sandeep Nandakumar’s edits are impressive and provided a continuous engaging moment. As a whole, Goodalochana is not a serious one as the name means but a laugh riot that keeps the viewers happy even after show. Don’t just miss this laugh treat for any reason.

Goodalochana got more and more vibrant with the entry of Vishnu Govind’s Manaf. The element of laughter was fully on his shoulder in the second half and each time he appears he had something different for all. The graceful look of Mamta Mohandas as Padma is the yet another attraction of the second half and her role is inspiring. Niranjana Anoop has little to do with but her character has a pivotal role in the story. Alancier as Das is also one of the brightest presentation in the movie. The narration by Vineeth Sreenivasan from the beginning to the end is sweet to hear. The glimpses of Malarvadi Arts Club is seen in the movie and that is deliberate. Catching the alluring look of Calicut and its varieties in everything, Goodalochana is a different treat for all.

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