Innocent’s Words Rendered Mohanlal Speechless

Innocent's Words Rendered Mohanlal Speechless

It is a common thing that people become crazy to meet their favourite actors. Normally when superstars are in the area, the other actors who are not or not yet superstars don’t get noticed. Such an incident happened with actor Innocent. At a shooting location in Palakad, he was surrounded by people when Mohanlal arrived. Then and there the people ditched him and went over in a frenzy to see and click pictures with Mohanlal. After some time Lal came near Innocent whether he was sad that the people behaved the way they did. At first Innocent denied it but then he said that he was sad. Mohanlal said that he was just  joking with him and he should let it go. But then Innocent repeated that he was sad and when Mohanlal asked what the reason for his sadness was, he replied, ” People were urgently taking photos with you because they know that you won’t last in this field for too long and you will be soon out of here and it is not the same for me because I will be here always for a long time.” Mohanlal and the rest of the crew burst out laughing hearing the witty reply of Innocent. The man never fails to crack us up.


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