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Kattu, from Arun Kumar Aravind who gifted the movies like Ee Adutha Kaalathu and Left Right Left, is a refreshing craft from the whole crew and the Padmarajan touch in the story is really amazing. Taken from Padmarajan story, all the characters in the movie take the audience to the classical visual experience. Arun Kumar Aravind as a film maker has made an imprint through his making style that captures the drama very efficiently and captivatingly. When it comes to Kaattu, his comeback film after a three and a half year break, the emphasis isn’t basically on creating it a mesmerising saga. He is much more interested in the pictorial recitation and instituting of relationships.


Nuhukkannu is a nerd who used to labour in a Toddy bar. Chellappan, a firecracker manufacturer decides to take him along with him after having seen him struggle a lot from the Toddy shop. Chellappan, who is a philanderer by nature, has an anonymous past. Kaattu shows us that past and the evolvement of the relation between Chellappan and Nuhukkannu. Asif Ali as Nuhukkannu is seen in an overall new getup and has given a precise performance without going overboard even in intense sequences and thus making Nuhukannu a credible personality. Murali Gopy has done such rustic character like Chellappan in the past and he has put in that skill to the play. He steals the show with his powerful performance in some of the sequences.


Varalaxmi Sarathkumar plays the role of Muthulaxmi, a girl of Tamil origin. The role suits her appealing well and she has rendered the role to perfection. On the other hand, Manasa Radhakrishnan who has played the role of Ummukkulusu is seen elegant in the film and unquestionably is an impending gift for the industry. Unni P Dev gets a more substantial character in this movie. Pankan Thamarassery as Mooppan has a reasonable presence that fails to erase from the minds of viewers. All the characters hesitate to leave the place that was set in their mind even after watching the movie. That is what we call the profundity of charactersThe primitive magnetism that had been long lost makes a re-enter through ‘Kaattu’, and the credits go to the whole crew, especially the script writer Ananthpadmanabhan, son of Padmarajan. The characters, who are born from Padmarajan’s pen, are reborn with this wonderful movie and hats off to the Director who is also the man behind the cuts. Deepak Dev’s music gave the audience the feeling of a breeze which calms everything. Prasanth Raveendran took the audience to the classical treat with his camera works. Kattu is not movie that has to become a torrent hit like Left Right Left. Do watch it on big screen and you would really love it.


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