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Kanal Redefines the Hero-Villain Chemistry: S Suresh Babu

Kanal Redefines the Hero-Villain Chemistry: S Suresh Babu

Kanal Redefines the Hero-Villain Chemistry: S Suresh Babu

Kanal is all set to be released on 22 October 2015. Padmakumar ,Mohanlal and Suresh Babu team who worked together earlier for the successful movie Shikkar paving the way for another thriller named Kanal. The subject matter of the movie is the union of three gulf returned persons and their entirely different circumstances that is harmoniously knotted in the story. The film might be counted uniquely with its heavy star cast including Atul Kulkarni Anoop Menon and Prathap Pothan. The movie is directed by Padmakumar and scripted by Suresh Babu and the story of three men mostly would catch the attention of the spectators. The script writer of the film S Suresh Babu speaks about the movie.

  1. Shikkar was a successful thriller and the spectators waere treasured by the climax . Can we expect similar suspense and a climax to be meditatived?

Kanal is moulded in a different way but the similar line of story is enriched with thrilling scene swirls along with family story. We had decided this movie soon after the success of Shikkar .This is the real life story of scattered life of three persons due to recession. Mohanlal characterizes John David while Anoop Menon acts as Anantha Raman and Atul Kulkarni as Kuruvila Mathew. They are married and have families and how have they been affected by recession is the story of the movie. The movie opens with a train journey as in Road movies and two passengers come across creating a certain mystery and it continues to constitute  the climax. The suspense of the movie is the well knitted mystery,that goes along with the gradual growth of each character.

  1. As the movie narrates the life of the protagonists in the Middle East in their past, will it be categorized as a movie for those who live in other countries for earning their livelihood leaving their families behind?

Yes, it is the story of suffering of people who live in the Middle East but it is narrated in an entirely different way as far as the previous movies are considered. Recession was a disaster in Dubai as other countries were gone through. People faced frustrations as they fell deep into the earth from a top luxurious better life. Many of them overcame it according to their temperament. Whatever the way they adopted the recovery was tough to cop up with the normal life as they had earlier. This is the pivot on which kanal rolling on.


  1. Its is vivid from the movie trailer that Mohanlal may present an extra ordinary performance as John David. How would you define him in a single sentence?

I would use the same word Ember or KANAL to define him as his character carries a hidden fact all through the film. The same word could be used to define Anoop Menon and Atul Kulkarni’s characters as they all carry a similar mystery and that is the essence of the movie. The hero – villain ill chemistry is redefined in the movie as predicting the villain or realizing the real hero would be a tough nut to crack here.

  1. As we look into the casting of the actors excluding Mohanlal, the love, wickedness and lust combination is expected as it they are Anoop Menon Atul Kulkarni and Prathap Pothan. Does the film scripted in this theme?

The film Kanal is a combination of all these above said ingradients but the persons who represented or performed them are is not the same way as they were doing  their personalities as expected earlier.


  1. How could Atul Kulkarni get a prominent role in this movie?

When the story of kanal was in my thoughts Atul was the first preference for this character. He played his role brilliantly and it would be an asset to the movie and his career as well.

  1. The tagline of the story is quite philosophical as it says “every end has an old beginning” Could you explain relating it to the plot?

Any incident happened shall have a past tag and it definitely has a beginning that will be under the ashes capable of burning the woods even. Such ember suppressed or buried in the hearts of three lives has been constructed eminently in the plot. When anyone looks aback the past such ember could be found out. The inspiring fire to the generation of hopes is highly absorbed in the movie.

  1. Nikita Thukaral has returned to Mollywood and it is her first movie with Mohanlal? How come Nikita bagged this role?

When we thought of the character we needed a less familiar face to present this role that she handled. Thus she was selected. She represents Atul’s wife’s character as a beautician. Her face was quite suitable to the character.


  1. How far the songs will influence the movie while the plot narrates a thriller?

This is aimed for family audience as well. Every element in our day to day life is harmoniously blended by each team member. Music has a vital role in the movie. Ouseppachan and Vinu Thomas have done a great job to compose and stir good music in apt situations.

  1. What have you planned about the next project?

I am currently working with Mohanlal for the project Talkies and that is progressing.

Daddy wishes all the very best wishes to the team Kanal.


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