Lavakusha is a Rarely Attempted Genre in Malayalam: Director Gireesh Mano

Lavakusha is a Rarely Attempted Genre in Malayalam: Director Gireesh Mano

Lavakusha, which marks the debut of Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav as heroes and also the debut of Neeraj as a script writer, is ready to rock the theaters this Thursday onwards. Biju Menon is also doing a vital character in the movie. It is directed by Nee Ko Nja Cha director Gireesh Mano. Let’s give our ears to his words about the movie. “Lavakusha is a spy comedy, a rarely attempted genre in Malayalam. It shares similarities with vintage spy movies that celebrated the Prem Nazir-Adoor Bhasi combo, like Lankadahanam and CID Naseer. The bromance of Lava and Kusha can also remind you of Dasan and Vijayan. However, the plot is not in any way similar to these movies,” He also added “I was on the hunt for a good script after my debut Nee Ko Na Cha. Then, Aju told me Neeraj had a good story. Neeraj narrated it to me and I loved it. Then, he started writing the script. But then, we knew one of the main characters had to be Biju Menon. Nobody, but he can play it with ease. We were ready to wait for Biju to get free. The highlight of Lavakusha is itself the threesome combo of Biju, Neeraj and Aju,”



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