Mohanlal Opens His Mind About Lucifer

Mohanlal Opens His Mind About Lucifer

To call him a superstar would be an understatement because Mohanlal is so much more than that. But if asked about his huge successes, he is nothing but modest waving off any praises with his signature smile. During the year 2016, the great actor had acted in two films that entered the 100 crore club. He is of the opinion that there is no use in becoming excited or sad or anxious about anything as the New Year brings along with it a set of new challenges, when all you have to do is to live in the present. The actor has completed 37 years in the film industry and we have no option but to take up his ‘living in the present’ philosophy because he beautifully manages his busy schedules and keeps everything neatly together.

Now when asked about Lucifer which will be the directorial debut of Prithviraj and will have Murali Gopi penning the script, he says,” We have been planning the film. Right now only the title is fixed. I have worked with both their dads — I have starred in Gopy chettan’s directorial and Sukumaran chettan’s production. I have acted with them as well. So, when the offer came, I accepted to be part of the movie. Plus, Murali and Prithviraj are both sensible. From our conversations about movies, I have gathered they are well-versed with cinema and the expectations of the industry. I liked the concept of Lucifer. Now, they will have to develop the script; we will have to sit for discussions because when so many people are involved, we can’t just make an ordinary film. People will start questioning that, right? So, the content has to be good and that’s what the focus is right now. I will be meeting them soon to discuss when it will go on floors. “

When asked whether he would like to don the role of a director, the actor says,” It’s a different field altogether. I can chumma direct but that won’t do justice to a movie. If you look at an actor like Prithviraj, he’s someone who was interested in direction from the start. He watches and studies movies for that purpose. For that, I have to find time. I have to stop acting and write a script; but all of that is a huge task. If I get a good story, a good cameraman and associate director, I can direct but that’s not doing justice to the art. And I haven’t thought about direction at all.

If you ask me whether I can direct, I can. In fact, I have shot several songs, scenes and stunts. When certain directors of my movies were not able to be there for some reason and had asked me to help out, I have directed. But to helm an entire movie is a different art altogether. I don’t think I can do it even in the future because it’s difficult. I like to be free. To enjoy that freedom, one day I might say that I had enough of movies and now let me travel. I have such things in my mind but I don’t know if I will be able to do all that. “

As of now Malayalis’ Lalettan is focusing just on the acting part and making every role he does, perfect.


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