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Mohanlal Thanks all for the Success of Villain [Watch Video]

Mohanlal Thanks all for the Success of Villain

Mohanlal starrer emotional thriller is getting good reports in theatres and this b Unnikrishnan movie is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year. Now Mohanlal comes with words of thanks for the success of the movie Villain. The actor speaks, “Thanks to all for making Villain a success. Happy to know that the movie is conveyed as a dark emotional thriller to the viewers as we have decided. It is a slow paced movie and academically there is more to learn for a film maker from the movie. The emotional background is also noticed.” Mohanlal is essaying the role of Mathew Manjooran, a retired cop who is made to return to the Task Force for an investigation. “As an Actor, my role is one of the best ones which have made me 100% satisfaction.”

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