One Thing That Sunny Leone Look for in a Man

One Thing That Sunny Leone Look for in a Man

Sunny Leone has risen to fame with glamorous roles but she finds new realms in life with charity and adopting a girl child. In an interview recently she was asked a question regarding what she looks for in a man. Your answers might be naughty but the Bollywood queen has a clear cut answer. “I always believed that the outer appearance is something that changes with time, but the one thing you can’t change is their personality, who they are. So I want someone who’s smart, funny and works just as hard as I do.” She continued when asked about the best cologne on a man “The best cologne is when a man smells clean. If they stink, like if they’ve been eating vadapav all day or some sort of food or bad hygiene that is extremely unattractive. Like, if they didn’t brush their teeth last night!”


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