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The film Ore Mukham arrived creating an impression that it is a throwback to the happening 80’s.Campus life is generally regarded as most vibrant during those times when the youth were driven more by ideals than urge for lucre.Ore Mukham throws light on the vastly different and slow paced life of the pre liberalisation era.Being faithful to the era when the plot unfolds is indeed a necessity,but the obsession to be inch perfect can prove counterproductive. And the glaring issue with the movie is that it is slightly wooden on occassions.It seems that it has been written and directed as if it was a movie released in the 80’s.There is a feeling of dejavu with characters speaking all those familiar dialogues.Being a wannabe thriller Ore Mukham needed a bit more spark.The build up and the eventual unravelling of the plot dont look seamless.There are contrived sequences which adversely affects its potential to thrive as a genuine thriller.

poster-6s-_-om-2Zachariah Pothen(Dhyan Sreenivasan)is a missing criminal and he was the main accused in a murder case which happened in the 80’s. Cut to the present,the police are investigating the murder case of Aravindan, a close friend of Pothen in the college days. Things get interesting as it is evident that the last call Aravindan received was from Pothen’s number.The Police tries to zero in on Pothen while a journalist is also in his trail. Ore Mukham takes us through the different facets in Zachariah Pothen’s life and attempts to throw light on the peculiarities of his character.


Zacharia Pothen was a sort of a spoiled brat during his college days.He is domineering and tries to impose his ways on his fellow students.The campus sequences dont have the freshness that one looked forward to.When the heroine arrives it starts to look weary with cliched scenes.A hero with a rough exterior admired by the heroine who identifies that is at heart a man of goodness.A new perspective would have stood the movie in real good stead.And the lighthearted scenes too dont get registered beyond a point.Aju Varghese tries to revive the proceedings with his familiar antics. The screenplay meanders between two investigations and it doesnt excite. Satheesh Kurup’s frames are good, and visually Ore Mukham is on a good wicket.Music is not noteworthy either.On the performance front Dhyan is good in parts,but the character is not well fleshed out to give him a chance to make a substantial impression. The character of Das portrayed by Aju Varghese and Maniyanpilla Raju are good.Prayaga Martin looks gorgeous and other cast including Arjun Nandhakumar, Deepak Parambol, Gayathri Suresh, Chemban Vinod, Renji Panicker, Jewel Mary, Devi Ajith etc.make their mark.Ore Mukham is caught in a time warp of sorts and ends up as a mediocre offering.

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