Overtake Review

Overtake, directed by debutant John Joseph, is an engaging story with an astounding film making. Road thriller movies are rare in Malayalam Film Industry and Overtake is a new addition to that genre. Movie lovers always show interest in engaging thrillers and it’s difficult to make such thrillers also. But the director John Joseph has tasted the sweetness of success in making it happen. The curiosity, which everyone loves, is maintained at the extreme from the beginning to the end of the movie.
Overtake is based on a true story in which a family gets in trouble with a stranger. Mollywood is proving that it is not lagging behind in experimenting with novel storylines. Overtake has a vehicle playing the villain for the first time in Malayalam cinema. The film directed by John goes through the car journey of a couple who get chased and ambushed by a truck that follows them throughout the roadtrip. The couple in question is played by Vijay Babu and Parvathi Nair. The movie has been shot in Ballari, Tirunelveli, Bengaluru, and Kerala. The film is set in a thriller mode with some mind-blowing special effects and is set to release shortly. Producer turned director John Joseph set to his new directorial venture with a different theme, so he choose Vijay Babu and Parvathy Nair to play the lead characters. This is a road movie, which focuses on the family moves from Bangalore to Kerala. The film includes many risky shots and some fearless stunts.
Vijay Babu plays the male lead character, named Nandan Menon and Parvathy Nair plays the character of Radhika, Nandan’s wife. It is for the first time they hands together. Deepak Parambol, Ajay Natarajn, Baby Laya, Krishna, Nelson, Niyaz, Kottayam Pradeep, Niyaz Becker and Anjali Aneesh are also featuring in some of the important supporting roles in this movie. The expectations are on sky high for this new upcoming film.Overtake is is bankrolled by J P Joseph under the banner of Mega Media studios. Rony Raphael composes the music for the lyrics penned by Rafeeq Ahmed. Ajayan Vincent is the man who behinds the camera while director John Joseph is also in charge of the cuts.
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