Paul Zacharia’s Post On Dileep Issue

Paul Zacharia's Post On Dileep Issue

Writer Paul Zacharia has made his stand clear with a Facebook post of his. Just like any reasonable human being, he too feels that a person can’t be judged before he is deemed guilty by the court.  He wrote, “Just like every Malayali, I too stand with the attacked actress. However,  the media is reporting the case as though Dileep has already been proven guilty and this is a highly disturbing issue.  A person is innocent until proved guilty in court.” It is plain shameful that the prominent news channels would go to such extents to defame a man who is not convicted yet. The news channels have been celebrating the downfall of a person ever since the shade of doubt fell over the actor. Dileep was already a target of yellow journalism and his arrest has thrown the mass media into a frenzy that even they themselves don’t know what they are talking about.

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