Santhosh Pandit About Kerala Being Number 1

Santhosh Pandit About Kerala Being Number 1
The very much magnanimous Santhosh Pandit has carefully analysed the scenario of Kerala being number one. The actor cum director cum film maker has travelled across India and according to him states like Punjab and Gujarat are way ahead in the terms of employment than Kerala. And our state Kerala of course is number one in showing of the materialistic things that we own like cars and houses. In terms of development, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are in front of Kerala and Delhi is standing in the forefront for the reduction of curruption. But when it comes to literacy and sociability, Kerala is number one indeed. According to Mr. Pandit, we have the NRIs who sacrifice their homely life to go abroad and earn to thank for the development that we have attained and it is not because of any government but from the income that we get after selling lotteries and alcohol. If Tamil Nadu and Karnataka do not cooperate, we are going to starve. The actor has included many bitter truths in his post and we can’t blame him because each and every word is well deserved and true.

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