Surya Chides His Fans For Following Him Recklessly

Surya Chides His Fans For Following Him Recklessly

The most awaited sequel to Suriya’s Singam is about to be released and the actor did not forget to meet up with his fans over here in Kerala. Suriya recently visited Thrissur and then made his way to Trivandrum. However,there was a terrible turn of events when some of the actor’s Malayali fans tried to follow the actor on their bikes.

But Suriya was not entirely pleased with what they did and he stopped his vehicle beside them and told them point blank that while he loved his fans very much, he will in no way encourage what just happened. The actor scolded them for risking their life for him for the sake of catching a glimpse of him and told them that they can meet him anytime but not like this.

The film will hit the theatres on January 26th. S3 is going to be distributed by Sopanam Entertainment and Adithya films who brought Suriya’s 24 to the screens in Kerala.

The first teaser released on November 7, 2016 has created huge records and the total number of views has already surpassed the one crore mark. We hope the second teaser will create similar records.

‘S3’ is the third installment of the blockbuster ‘Singam’ series directed by Hari. The film stars Anushka and Shruthi Haasan as female leads while Harris Jayaraj has rendered the music score.

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