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Kannada Actress Found Dead in Movie Location

A junior artist was found dead at the shooting location of the Kannada remake of Tamil superhit movie V I P in North Bangalore on Monday evening. Padma alias Padmamma Muniyappa, 44, was among the 120 artistes taking part in the shooting of the film, VIP, directed by Nandakishore and starring Manoranjan, son of actor V Ravichandran, at the construct...[Read More]

Tamil Comedian Vivek’s Son Dies at Chennai

Popular Tamil comedy artist Vivek’s son Prasannakumar died at Chennai. He was of 13 years old had been suffering from Dengue Fever for the last few days and had been under medication at S R M Hospital, Chennai. Arulselvi is his mother and he has two siblings, Amruthanandini and Thejaswini.

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