Kamal Hassan and Gautami Ends Their Live-in-relationship

Kamal Hassan Comes Again with Support for Jellikkattu [WATCH VIDEO]

Kamal Hassan has already come forward with support for Jellikkattu and he makes yet another comment on it. Now he compares Kerala’s own Elephants used for festivals with Jellikkattu. As elephants are part of Kerala’s culture Jellikkattu stands as the cultural sign of Tamil Nadu. He said in a press meet in Chennai that in Kerala many die in Elephant...[Read More]

Gautami Storms Out of the Radio Station Angrily [Watch Video]

Gautami gets angry during the interview and leaves the studio. It was during an interview with a popular Radio channel she got angry at R J and left the station. The Radio Jockey asked her about the letter she had written to the Prime Minister saying that the death of Jayalalitha and asking for probe on it. The doubt that the R J raised was whether...[Read More]

Is it for Abhirami That Kamal Hassan Broke Up with Goutami?

It was last day that Kamal Hassan and Goutami got separated from their living together of 13 years. As they had lost the faith in the truthfulness of marriage they did not marry. Goutami was the one who blogged about their break up because of the problems between them. Now the Tamil media report that it is the involvement of a famous actress in the...[Read More]

Kamal Hassan and Gautami Ends Their Live-in-relationship

It has been 13 years that Gautami and Kamal Hassan were leaving together. They were not married but had a life as a couple. But the relationship comes to an end now after 13 years. The news was confirmed by the actress herself on her blog. She wrote on her blog, “It is heartbreaking for me to have to say today that I and Mr. Haasan are no longer to...[Read More]

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