The Truth Behind Prabhas’ Marriage Proposal

The Truth Behind Prabhas' Marriage Proposal
The fans of Anushka Shetty aka Devasena were the saddest when the news that Prabhas was getting married came out. They were hoping that the hit on-screen pair will pair up in real life too. But this news that Prabhas was going to marry the grand daughter of Bhupathi Raja who was the chairman of Raasi Cements extinguished their hope of Prabhas and Anushka getting together. But now however, the family members of Prabhas have come forward and denied the news saying that the actor is currently busy with his new movie Saho and there are currently no proposals under discussions for now. This might have calmed down the filmy buffs who are so bent on making Prabhas and Anushka fall in love.


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