Vijayalakshmi’s Eyes Finally Found The Light

Vijayalakshmi's Eyes Finally Found The Light

Since now Vaikom Vijayalakshmi has come about ignoring the darknes in her eyes with her bright music. She has never failed to surprise Malayalis with her musical charm.Her unique voice and the subtlety with which she sings has earned Vaikom Vijayalakshmi a very high place in the hearts of the people. She made her entrance into the playback singing field and into the hearts of Malayalis through the song “Katte Katte” from director Kamal’s Celluloid.

Only a few people are lucky enough to be bestowed with the gift of music. Everyone of us have at least yearned one time for her to get her eyesight back. Well, looks like God at last is showering light into her eyes. The singer’s mother recently told that all those medications that Vijayalakshmi has been doing are finally bearing fruit. Vijayalakshmi has started to realize what light is. The singer said,”I am seeing something like a shadow but it is not clear. I can see more light now.” Vijayalakshmi is greatly indebted to her astrologer Peringodu Sankaranarayanan Thirumeni who predicted all the great things that have happened in her life. The treatment she had been doing was also according to the advice of her astrologer. And now gradually step by step, her eyesight is coming back. The doctors say that her eyesight will get better by one stage every month. Finally the singer thanks God almighty for spreading light in her life.


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