Zacharia Pothen Jeevichirippundu Review


Zakhariapothen Jeevichirippundu thrills all with a different approach on story and making of the movie. The film is the first solo directorial venture of Ullas Unnikrishnan. He comes with an entirely different theme and choose Manoj K Jayan and Lal to play the lead characters. The thriller mood of the movie keeps the audience being engaged for all the time



Zakhariapothen Jeevichirippundu depicts the life of Zacharia Pothen and his family from Peerumedu. Zacharia Pothen is a 40-year-old retired Major. Because of his passion for his profession, he got married only after his retirement and was living happily with his wife. Suddenly one fine day, some of his old friends came there with hidden intentions, which he was unaware of, leading to the occurrence of unexpected things around him. This turned his life into a completely different track. This is when the real story of the movie starts. Manoj K Jayan, Babu Antony and Lal have delivered their best performance in the film and has amazed all. The cute and pretty Poonam Bajwa has also given a good piece of acting. Apart from them Rahul Madhav, Anjana and Sunil Sugathan etc had also contributed their part in a decent manner.

Zacharia Pothen Jeevichirippundu is produced by Mohmmed Asif under the banner of Amazing Cinemas. The movie is scripted by Manoj Nair. Dhibu Ninan Thomas handles the music department, both movie tracks and back ground music are done by him. Pappinu is the man who behind the camera while editing is done by B Abhilash.


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